2018 Water Right Leasing Program

If you are seeking water rights:

The WID is accepting applications for water rights between October 15 and December 1, 2017 for the 2018 season. This period is called the “marketing window,” and anyone interested in water starting in 2018 must complete an application.

New in 2018: WID water rights may be leased for one to five years.

Please keep in mind that the request is binding: if your request is accepted, you will be expected to enter into a lease agreement and comply with the terms of the lease for the amount included in your application.

More questions? email your commissioners or, or call 425-549-0316.


2018 Water Rights Leasing Program FAQs
2018 Water Rights Leasing Request Form
2018 Water Rights Leasing Request Form

If you have water rights: 

If you have water rights to lease, the WID can help you evaluate and market your water rights. Please contact or 425-549-0316.

If you have water rights that you are interested in evaluating and/or protecting, the WID can help. Please contact or 425-549-0316.

The WID offers confidential, preliminary water right evaluations free of charge for its members.